Designs that Inspire Our Creativity

Designs that Inspire Our Creativity

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A selection of beautiful homeware and giftware by ZAHA HADID shows her exploration of spatial concepts at all scales during her life as architect and designer



“My product designs and architecture have always been connected; some of our earliest projects were designs for products and interiors. These design pieces are very important to me and my team. They inspire our creativity by providing an opportunity to express our ideas through different scales and through different media; an essential part of our ongoing design investigation.”


Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Zaha Hadid’s outstanding contribution to the architectural and design profession continues till today through her studio. She is the first female architect to be awarded the Pritzker Prize which she received in 2004, and was awarded the 2016 Royal Gold Medal in recognition of a lifetime’s work.



Zaha Hadid Design, established in 2006, includes fashion accessories, jewellery, limited edition furniture pieces, and interiors. The demand for her work on a commercial level, led to the ‘Zaha Hadid Design Collection’, featuring a selection of homeware and giftware, which  retails globally in store, and online. As an architect and designer, Zaha Hadid’s work explored spatial concepts at all scales.



Scented Candles

Reed Diffusers


The Solis Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers feature a fluid interlocking pattern, designed to reveal and intensify the painted interiors when lit, which add both drama and dimensionality. Each fragrance was personally selected by Zaha Hadid and allow for the chosen scent, and mood, to coalesce. Candle £45, Reed Diffuser £39.




Fine Bone China

Zaha Hadid’s knowledge and expertise of working with complex geometries acts as the catalyst of inspiration for the Braid Vases. Comprised of numerous petals that articulate their composition and functionality, the winding, integrated braid structure creates a vertical transition that unites sharp directional lines. Available in white or black; large £355, medium £305.




Stainless Steel

The Serenity bowls are part of a series of centrepieces that includes platter, vase and bowl formed of highly reflective stainless steel. The undulating surface imparts a sense of movement and dynamism while playing a vital role in the objects’ stability. Large bowl £295.



Dinner Service

Fine Bone China

Dinner Plate
Coffee Cup and Saucer

Zaha Hadid was inspired by the Russian Suprematist movement from the 1920s and in particular the work of one of its leading visionaries, Kazimir Malevich. This range of fine bone china dinnerware applies a visual abstraction of the Suprematist approach to both space and form, on its surface. The set is accented with gold leaf, and consists of two dinner plates, side plate, soup bowl, bread plate, tea cup and saucer, and coffee cup. Dinner Plate set of 2: £240; Coffee Cup and Saucer set of 2: £150.



Seating / Table


Z-Play II is a modular seating system that allows for the creation of lounging landscapes. The two sections form a cube that can be split to create different ‘free-form’ configurations of seating or table elements. The pieces are designed to be flexible in their use, and generate a diverse range of sculptural shapes — placed back-to-back as armchairs or reconnected for use as a table. £545.



Tea Light


This collection of tea light holders are made from solid glass. The rippling surface reflects and refracts the light from the  frame, creating patterned variations on the surrounding environment. Available in gold, silver or black: £50 each.



Dinner Service

Fine Bone China

This range of fine bone china dinnerware is patterned with a distinct perspectival definition. The radiating and varied mass of the linework create the illusion of a three dimensional surface. This range comprises of dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowls, tea cup and saucer and coffee cup and saucer. Side plates set of 4: £150.




Tea Set

Fine Bone China

Mug–The Serpentine Sackler Gallery
Tea Set–London Aquatics Centre

In February 2016, Zaha Hadid became the first woman to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal 2016 for architecture. The Icon Collection marks this occasion with four distinct designs each of which has been inspired by some of Zaha Hadid’s architectural achievements: Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku; The Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London; London Aquatics Centre; Riverside Museum, Glasgow. Mug £22, Tea Set £39.



Highball & Lowball Glass


Highball–Kurfuerstendamm, Berlin
Lowball–Hafenstrasse, Hamburg

Two original sketches from the archives of Zaha Hadid have been applied to highball and lowball glassware. Represented are designs by Zaha Hadid for two architectural projects: Kurfuerstendamm in Berlin, and Hafenstrasse in Hamburg. £39 each.


Limited Edition


Chess Set


The Field of Towers Chess Set represents the intense analysis and evolutionary processes within Hadid’s tower form research. The individual towers articulate the various points of adaptation and possible iterations explored within a given project. Each piece takes on its own persona — all of which are carved and polished from resin. The use of resin creates a sense of lightness and dimensionality. This piece is a limited edition of 200. Silver or black: £9,999.


Limited Edition



Inspired by the undulating wave of the London 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre, the Aqua Platter conveys the fluid rhythms of water in motion. The weight of the platter is distributed across three curvilinear points that gently land the platter on a surface, each point lightly infused with colour. The Aqua Platters are formed from solid acrylic and finished by hand. Available in lime green or fuchsia, limited edition of 200 per colour. Set of 4: £4,999.


Compiled by Carol Kraal. Prices quoted are online prices at Zaha Hadid Design website. Zaha Hadid photographs copyright Brigitte Lacombe, and Steve Double. Collection photographs by Luke Hayes, Iwan Baan, Alan Mc Ateer, Hufton + Crow. Commercial product photography by Mark Colliton London UK. Text courtesy of Zaha Hadid Collection