Amsterdam, Winner –

WOHA ARCHITECTS’ KAMPUNG ADMIRALTY wins World Building of the Year 2018 at World Architecture Festival


THE WINNING PROJECT  by WOHA from the mixed-use category beat 535 projects from across the globe. The judges program director commented:  “The judges admired the project for the way in which it dealt with the universal condition of longevity and health treatments, social housing provision, and commercial space, which enabled substantial public realm benefits. This hybrid building also incorporates a huge amount of greenery (more than 100% of its footprint) in a series of layered levels which have generated welcome biodiversity.”

The scheme builds upon a layered ‘club sandwich’ approach. A “Vertical Kampung (village)” is devised, with a People’s Plaza in the lower stratum, a Medical Centre in the mid stratum, and a Community Park with studio (elderly) apartments for seniors in the upper stratum

The People’s Plaza is a fully public, porous and pedestrianised ground plane, designed as a community living room.Within this welcoming and inclusive space, the public can participate in organised events, shop, or eat at the hawker centre on the 2nd storey
A total of 104 studio apartments are provided in two 11-storey blocks for elderly singles or couples


World Architecture Festival awards are highly sought after and are seen as the oscars of the architecture world.

Kampung Admiralty, a Housing Board (HDB) project, combines community spaces, housing for the elderly, medical facilities, retail and f&b clusters canopied within a ventilated structure featuring a tropical rainforest roof. WOHA is a Singapore-based architecture practice, established in 1994 by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell.

This year’s World Architecture Festival (WAF)  held in Amsterdam from 28-30 November, saw all types and sizes of architectural projects that were represented on the 536-strong shortlist, ranging from private residential, to education, infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, cultural/civic, interior and landscape projects.

There were 11 Singapore-connected projects on the shortlist while INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, the interior design co-event, saw 2 Singapore projects.


Compiled by Carol Kraal. Photographs copyright and courtesy of World Architecture Festival 2018 Winner FINAL day images credits WOHA -Kampung Admiralty: Patrick Bingham-Hall, Darren Soh, Lim Weixiang