NIPPON PAINT has a virus-killing paint. HMLET offers furniture leasing and online design help

This paint transforms wall surfaces into virus kill-on-contact zones

Lynn Lee, Senior Product Specialist

Amidst the pandemic with second and third lockdowns looming on the horizon with surging number of infections, we see a 195% surge in household cleaner concerns.

The formulation of VirusGuard+ is proven to completely inactivate human Coronavirus and is also effective against common bacteria often associated with the common cold, making this extremely effective.

1 The design of spaces takes on a whole new perspective these days of COVID-19. What are the major factors that now have to be factored in blueprints?

During Covid-19 it is even more important to design spaces that are beautiful but also functional. This extends beyond the traditional sense of function, where design plays a big role.

This means that you can pick paints that suit your needs, habits and lifestyle, including easy-to-wash coatings like Odour-less EasyWash if you have little ones, or VirusGuard+, which is the most advanced wall coating that kills viruses, and tested effective in killing the Human Coronavirus and Norovirus upon contact with the paint. 

2 What is Nippon VirusGuard+ and what kind of research went into creating the product?

Nippon Paint VirusGuard+ is an ultra-premium interior paint that has antimicrobial properties combined with stain resistance and washability. This means that the paint is able to destroy viruses and bacteria on walls through contact killing. The science behind it includes formulating a paint that has copper ions that work to destroy the protein layer and the genetic material within viruses, thus making them unable to infect others. 

As we started the development earlier and saw the success in destroying Feline Calicivirus (a hardy virus to destroy), we were able to respond quicker to the COVID-19 outbreak by testing VirusGuard+ against Human Coronavirus 229E strain, the same coronavirus family to which the COVID-19 virus belongs.  VirusGuard+ is also tested against common bacteria strains including Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Without compromising the paint’s performance, we managed to fine-tune and launch the VirusGuard+ as soon as we received successful test results from the accredited laboratory. 

3 Does Nippon VirusGuard+’s effectiveness last as long it is in use?

VirusGuard+ remains effective as long as the paint film is visible and in good condition on the walls. A good paint job will help to ensure a long-lasting paint film that is present round-the-clock to help protect against viruses and bacteria.

That’s why Nippon Paint offers Professional Painting Services where paints and workmanship are inclusive in the package. The price differs according to the size of the house type or room type to paint. 

4 It’s all about cost for consumer and architect/interior designer. Is Nippon VirusGuard+ expensive?

VirusGuard+ recommended retail price is $180 for a five-litre pack at all authorised retailers and Nippon Paint official online store. 

There is no direct price comparison as this is the first antimicrobial paint in Singapore that is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. In the market, there are anti-bacterial paints that retail around similar price range but it won’t be right to compare anti-bacterial paints against VirusGuard+. Viruses and bacteria are very different in nature. An anti-bacterial product will not work to destroy viruses.

Walls are the largest surface we have in a given space, which may be in contact with viruses and bacteria. Due to COVID-19, we see that people are changing their personal and space hygiene to include frequent disinfecting and cleaning. 

5 You are a major contributor for BCA’s book on Good Industry Practices in painting. What are some of these practices?

It’s important to adopt good practices in painting to avoid paint defects and rectification costs associated to the defects. 

Three factors that contribute to a good and lasting paint job are surface preparation, correct paint system and workmanship:

•           The practice to choose the correct paint system for the different substrates, environments and intended uses;

•           The critical importance of surface preparation to ensure that the substrate is properly prepared to receive paints;

•           The knowledge and workmanship to achieve the best results.

6 What colours are in vogue this year for interiors?

In our Colour Trends 2020/2021, we identified 4 key trends based on the global events and activities that influence our colour selection.

One of the influences is the profound respect for nature – with a growing consciousness of fragility of our environment that prompts us to reconnect with forgotten wildlife and the increased population density that makes us yearn for the vast open spaces of the natural world. People hope to find peace within a neutral space. 

Palette of primal tones such as tonal range of greens that represents foliage and terracotta oranges and warm browns that reflects the heat of the sun brings the beauty of nature indoors.

7 How do you relax after a hard day at work? And what Singapore food do you enjoy?

I appreciate nature and enjoy slow walks as part of my exercise regime. It allows me to wind down and observe the surrounding and nature. I am very fond of spicy food such as laksa and Bak Chor Mee with extra chilli.

Hmlet Furniture  Lease furniture

Hmlet Interiors – Online Interior Design Service

The property and lifestyle platform offers furniture subscription and online interior designing services that provide customers with flexibility in configuring their living spaces to individual lifestyle needs. Over 100 items ranging from bed frames to chairs, tables, television consoles, lighting and even accessories can be rented as individual items or as a suite. If you haven’t got a clue on how to put these items together or to create a beautiful living space to suit your lifestyle hire an interior designer online.

Parham Mansor Safaian, Associate Director, Product Procurement, Hmlet 

1 Where are your furniture pieces sourced from?

Vietnam, China, Malaysia, we work closely with producers to ensure that the materials, the make, as well as design is up to the standards and expectations of our team. 

2 What material are most of them made of?

We used solid American oak. We are very cautious about the longevity and sustainability of our pieces, thus we mainly use materials that will last. We also carefully select the protective coating so it’s both beautiful looking as well as safe for our members.

3 Are they modular and easy to DIY set up? Is the delivery/service you provide?

Since we want Hmlet Furniture to be as hassle-free as possible, installation is always included. The items have been designed in order to be modular and work will fill a range of spaces from a small studio, a big HDB unit, a bungalow or even a shophouse. The delivery is billed at a fixed 20$, no matter the size of your delivery and installation. 

4 Can you give a sample of package cost to ‘rent’ a dining suite and get Hmlet’s interior designer to help design a space?

For Hmlet Furniture, here is a sample set of dining suite:

$35 per month for the dining table

$10/per month per chair for the dining chair

Hmlet Interiors is an additional service that we can provide alongside and beyond Hmlet Furniture. We have different packages ranging from just pure styling up to a bespoke end to end package from styling to furniture installation. They can book an obligation free appointment with one of our ID team here.