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JANICE WONG’S passion for culinary art and visual design sees her creating sweet delights that are colourful, artistic and playful, like these chocolate crayons and chocolate paint


Janice Wong portrait
Chef Janice Wong’s philosophy is a continuous inspiration for her world of edible art. Playing with a multitude of colours, textures, flavours and even perceptions, her strikingly unconventional artworks are constantly evolving as people interact with them


SINGAPOREAN PASTRY CHEF and founder of 2:am dessert bar has her own confection products and artisanal boutiques under her brand Janice Wong Singapore


Chocolate Crayons

Janice Wong chocolate crayons
Chocolate crayons in gift pack


These beautiful sticks of delicious chocolate that resemble artists’ and designers’ pastel crayons make perfect gifts for your designer friends. Flavours include dulce, passionfruit, strawberry, grape, green mango, peppermint, orange and smoked. 

Comes in Box of 8 or 40

Includes chocolate crayons (10g ea), silicon holders, 1 canvas, 2 pieces edible rice paper. Box of 8 (S$36), Box of 40 ($105).


Chocolate Paint

Janice Wong chocolate paint
Janice Wong Chocolate Paint gift pack


Just imagine what you can do with edible chocolate paint

Chocolate Paint Jar set of 5

Comes in a Set of 5 Chocolate paint jars (70g), 2 brushes, 5 lollipop stick, 1 acrylic board. $69. Individual jars at $7 each.


Janice Wong

Singapore pastry chef and founder of 2am:dessert bar and sweets confection brand in her name, Janice Wong has expanded her presence beyond her home country to London, Macau and Tokyo. Wong’s passion for culinary art and visual design sees her creating chocolate, sweets and dessert items that are beautiful, colourful, artistic and playful. Janice Wong Singapore can be found at the National Museum of Singapore, Concession Store at Terminal 3 Changi Airport, Paragon, Raffles City and DFS T Galleria, and online at Janice Wong Singapore. 

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