Norway Celebrates Circles and Connections

Norway Celebrates Circles and Connections

Milan, Exhibition –

NORWEGIAN PRESENCE 2019 reflects circular design to themes of community and sustainability

Norwegian Furnishings by Martin Høgh Olsen, Kent Fonn Skåre, and Tron Meyer
Martin Høgh Olsen, Local; Kent Fonn Skåre, Universell; Tron Meyer, Half Moon Table.
Photo: Trine Hisdal. Styling: Kråkvik&D’Orazio.
Norwegian Furnishings by Tron Meyer, Marte Froeystad, Erik Wester, and Stine Aas
Vestre, Cycle Bicycle Rack; Tron Meyer, Varde; Marte Froeystad, Join Me; Erik Wester, Volume Vases and Stine Aas, Alter. Photo: TrineHisdal, Styling: Kråkvik&D’Orazio


IN A SPACE that was once a garage 21 of Norway’s exciting designers and craft artists recently presented JOIN by Norwegian Presence – an exhibition in Milan touching upon the power of collaboration and connection for a sustainable future.

Through furniture and textiles, sculpture and ceramics, lighting and jewellery, exhibition curators – renowned creative studio Kråkvik &D’Orazio – explore the design understanding of sustainability from a big-picture perspective, not only in terms of using renewable or recyclable materials and considering environmental impact, but also considering its economic and social dimensions.

Portrait photograph of Norway designers Jannicke Kråkvik and Alessandro D'Orazio

Why should we design a new thing? It’s about the principle. In addition to aesthetics, which of course is important, the object must have a value in terms of materiality or durability. The items must give something in return through longevity, decomposability or through the way in which they are produced.”

– Exhibition curator Jannicke Kråkvik (left) and Alessandro D’Orazio of Kråkvik & D’Orazio creative studio based in Oslo

FOLK Bench by furniture brand Vestre, based is Oslo
FOLK Bench by furniture brand Vestre, based is Oslo. Photo by Trine Hisdal
Portrait of Norwegian-Sami artist Máret Ánne Sara
Norwegian-Sami artist Máret Ánne Sara shows off sculptural pieces made of reindeer bone


We saw Máret Ánne Sara and Matt Lambert’s reindeer-bone jewellery and Tron Meyer’s sculptural exploration of 290 million years of geological history, Mijo Studio’s abstract concrete chairs and Kaja Solgaard Dahl’s studies in stone and scent.

Three of Norway’s cultural institutions were back for their 5th year, joining forces to present the exhibition: Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), designers’ union Klubben and internationally focused maker network Norwegian Crafts.


Compiled by Carol Kraal. Photographs courtesy of Zetteler (London) and Norwegian Presence Exhibition. Kråkvik & D’Orazio portrait photo credit: Inger Marie Grini