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Dutch Stijl

Dutch Stijl

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Exciting designers showcase their creations with both subtle and experimental nods to DE STIJL, the Dutch artistic movement founded 102 years ago

DE STIJL, Dutch for ‘The Style’, was an artistic movement born in the streets of Leiden around 1917 as a reaction to the flamboyance of art deco. It embraces simplicity and abstraction through harmony and order; a fusion of form and function stripped down to geometric elements and primary colours. De Stijl artists include Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian, and architects Gerrit Reitveld and JJP Oud.

Designers in the Netherlands today are inspired by everything from the chemistry of crystals to childhood memories to the natural patterns of stains. It may not be that obvious, but many have subtle elements in their works that ensure de Stijl’s legacy lives on in Dutch design today.

Products and their designers


Green Bottles by Klaas Kuiken


My products and designs arise from a fascination with the creative process and its influence on the final result


How can simple, mass produced bottles of green glass become unique objects? Klaas Kuiken was intrigued by this question. He built his own glass blowing installation consisting of a modified oven and a compressor, and reformed the bottles’ ‘flaws’ into things of beauty by using his own technique of glass blowing.


Glint Light by Susanne de Graef


My work is inspired by architectural fashion and natural phenomena such as light. Inspiration is transformed in an intuitive way into a product with detailing and tactility playing a vital role


Susanne de Graef is a Dutch designer and owner of Studio Susanne de Graef.  The studio works with a strong focus on the interaction of furniture and lighting pieces with its surroundings – a predilection for textile and light. The light beams of the Glint Light, show the essence of light and its effects in a beautifully illustrated geometric pattern. Pattern translates into shape and material, and creates interaction with its surroundings.


The Colour Table by Rive Roshan


Golnar Roshan and Ruben de la Rive Box: Our studio explores innovative use of materials to design tactile, flexible and engaging products for a mobile generation.
We have a deep interest in colour, texture and materiality leads to an aesthetic of raw beauty


Rive Roshan is an experimental studio run by Dutch designer Ruben de la Rive Box and Iranian-Australian designer Golnar Roshan. The studio works at the intersection of graphic, interior and product design. The Colour Table from the studio’s ‘Colour of Light’ collection is a disc of floating glass that explores the interplay of colour through translucent shades.


Archiving Water Ware by Lotte De Raadt


My work is a personal reflection on the interaction between people and water in its different shapes and states; from consumer goods to experiences in nature and from solid to liquid and even gaseous forms


For the Archiving Water Ware glazed vessels Lotte de Raadt uses a self-developed glazing technique called ‘Colored Drops Glazing’ on ceramics to showcase the beauty of water as a precious natural resource. The glazing is arranged on places where you touch the ware by hand enjoying texture that gives grip. Behaving unpredictably like water, the glazing process is designed while the outcome is left to chance.


Prismania Chair by Elise Luttik


My vision is based on the belief that transparency and femininity aren’t only keywords for today’s society, but they can also add new value and meaning to design


Elise Luttik of Studio Elise Luttik is a 36-year-old designer intrigued by the notion of interactivity, femininity and technology in interiors. She likes the modern use of interesting materials like wood, fabric, rubber and polycarbonate. The transparent Prismania Chair is both an artefact and a chair. At one point you can barely see it, take another step and it will show you all the colours of the spectrum due to dichroic film. All her designs are made in the Netherlands.


OP vase by Bilge Nur Saltik


I design whimsical daily life objects that give users joy and functionality


Turkish-born Bilge Nur Saltik is one of the co-founders of Form&Seek collective. A graduate of the RCA, she designs products in multiple disciplines and mediums, united by a focus on human interaction. The handcrafted OP vase creates an illusion with its complex pattern of cuts, so that when viewed from different angles, a single flower placed within it, dissolves into an entire bouquet.


Mirabilia 3D Wallpaper by Alissa + Nienke


Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers: We combine extensive material research with the simple mission to put human experience at the centre of our work


An Eindhoven-based material research and design studio founded by, Alissa + Nienke creates materials, objects and installations in the field of interior design and architecture. Mirabilia is a three dimensional wallpaper that responds to movements of the air around it. Made of very strong, B1 certified, vinyl coated material it is water resistant, easy to clean and can be applied directly to the wall.


Fixum Candleholder by Floris Hovers


My designs must be readable and recognisable


Based in Raamsdonk, Floris Hovers is a designer and trained engineer who creates furniture, lighting and toys celebrated for their engaging simplicity and playfulness. His Fixum candleholder typifies his gift for creating the finest balance of structure and colour, and imbuing even the simplest object with human warmth.


Dressed Cabinet by Puck Dieben


As a little girl, I used to build huts by hanging bed linen on the frame of my bunkbed. Towels became sliding doors and pillowcases served as hanging baskets. As a designer, I reconsidered the same concept and show what textiles can do for a simple shelving unit


A recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Puck Dieben translates imaginative ideas into simple, practical solutions. Her work is characterised by graphic forms and playful objects. Inspired by childhood memories, Dieben’s Dressed Cabinet for Vij5 collective allow their owners to weave fabric through and around a metal frame, with wooden parts applying tension to the material, thus turning textiles into furniture material.


Life Is Easy outdoor bench with storage by Louise Cohen


My designs are inviting in their surprising obviousness and seeming simplicity bringing a smile and creating a sense of wellbeing and belonging in every home, garden or building


For Louise Cohen, design is meant to do something to its user and to the space in which it is used. It has a practical and a technical side, and also an emotional one. Made in an honest and environmentally friendly way the Life is Easy series outdoor bench is convenient and comfortable, and easy to move; no more fighting over the wood, because everybody can reach it. Great for barbecues. Of course you can use it for other things too.


Crystal Series mirror by Isaac Monté


I want to show the fusion between technology and the beauty of nature


Belgian by birth and now based in Rotterdam, Isaac Monté is a product designer with an interest in mastering and manipulating unusual materials – including crystal. Through his experiments in dissolving minerals in water, he has developed a method of controlling the shape, size and colour of crystal development. This has led to the creation of his Crystal Series such as mirrors and vases.


Story by Carol Kraal. Photographs: courtesy of Dutch Stuff London Design Fair and Zetteler, UK; Klaas Kuiken; Lotte de Raadt; Golnar Roshan and Ruben de la Rive Box; Bilge Nur Saltik; Louise Cohen; Susanne de Graef; Luttik portrait by Floor Knaapen; Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers portrait photo by Sarah van Timmeren, Dorst & Lesser; Puck Dieben by Vij5